Our Stitching Designs

 Home decorating, personal and gift items, promotional items, embroidery, upholstery, sewing and alterations.
OSD was developed to help those who want something unique and different from standard store  bought items
Personalized window treatments, soft furnishings, designer purses and customized orders are our particular offerings along with more general items5
With well over 50 years sewing experience we have the skills to help you achieve that special look for your home interior design projects.Carol Logan and Lyndsi O’Brien are the reliable team supported by Colin Logan for the structural parts of any project.
Just ask our satisfied customers about our perfection. We want your home to be just how you envisioned it to be.
Carol Logan: Professional seamstress and interior design and decorating specialist since 1970.
Love of fabric and being tall led Carol to sew since her youth. A friend’s mother’s fabric shop in Columbus Ohio was a great place to get inspired. She has several sewing machines, both embroidery to add that one of a kind touch to projects and a serger to securely construct a project. She has 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren to test all the apparel projects out on and lots of rooms to decorate in her family and friends homes.
Lyndsi O’Brien: Artist and seamstress since 2004 and Carol’s daughter. She loves creating one of a kind gifts and sewing apparel as well for her 5 children.  Lyndsi created an eco-friendly snaxsax to replace plastic storage bags.

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Watch out for more of our designs being added regularly or contact us to help you achieve you own ideas.